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"Helping Locally Owned Phoenix, Az Offline Business Owners Like You, Leverage the Internet Using Internet Marketing to Increase Traffic and Sales, Better Retain Existing Customers, and Hold a Clear Advantage Over Your Competition"

Interactive Internet Marketing in Phoenix is the process of allowing the customer or prospect the ability to interact with your website. We like to refer to the site, as a “Direct Response Website”. It is a lot more than a pretty four color brochure.

Direct Response Websites” encourage the prospect or customer to leave information. A request that allows the website to capture that information. Then to interact by following up with the information that the customer asked for.  Information designed to build a relationship with your customer over time.

“Direct Response Websites” make your customer feel like he has contacted someone real. That by the action taken on the site, that he can expect to receive something for the effort of interacting with the site.

“Direct Response Websites” Automate follow up with the customer, over time. A series of permission base emails, giving quality information, that encourages doing business with the business in the future, or better yet, right now! Customers do not necessarily buy from you the first time you are in contact with them. The buying decision usually comes after 6 or 7 contacts.  After you have had an opportunity to gain the customers confidence and trust by establishing the fact that you are an expert. They have gained confidence that you are going to do what you promise, and what they expect.

“Direct Response Websites” are information gathering, relationship and confidence building , profit generating assets for your business. Pretty four color brochure sites, leave customers with just that a pretty picture. When was the last time that a pretty picture actually sold something.

With a “Direct Response Website” and Interactive Internet Marketing you can measure your results, grow your business, save  time and money while building new customers and increasing sales.

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