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5 Online Internet Marketing Secrets to Attract Customers to Your Offline Business

Douglas Parker


In the passed, the key to gaining new business was the Yellow Pages. As a service provider, placement in the yellow pages directly reflected how much business you gained. That has changed with along technology. The Yellow Pages, is no longer as important.

Today if a customer has a need for a product or service. They head to the computer, and type keywords into the search engine. Like magic, there are 10 choices on the computer screen. click on the hyperlink, and there is a website, hopefully with the information they want. If the first listing does not provide quality information, then it is on to the next.

#1.  Where does your business rank in Google? If when the results come up on the screen, you are not on that first spot, or even in the results that show up on that first screen, the likley reality of that consumer coming to your site, is remote. Ranking in the top few businesses for your keywords is the first secret.

2. Google maps is one of the best ways to turn up on that first page. You need to turn up on the local search for business in your catagory in the local area.

#3. The keywords that you select to rank for are the next secret. When I last called a chiropractor it was because I was in pain. I had a consuming need that was dominating my day. My back hurt badly. When I typed in chiropractor, Phoenix, Arizona. I got the choice of a number of doctors in my area. If I had typed in just chiropractor, do you believe I would have found a solution to my problem in Phoenix.

#4. Local business person may ask what a Blog has to do with his business. The answer goes back to the Google ranking. If you have a blog, and are actively keeping it updated, your posts are being picked up by the serarch engines. That lets them know that you are somebody. Telling then look at my business, I am important to the community I add relevant and targeted information so rank me above others that have a static site, and hope people will find them.

#5. When customers come to your site, either by Google search, over the phone, or walk-in off of the street. It is important to get their name, and their email address. Build a list of customers that you can gain permission to send information to, then keep in contact. Tell them of pending sales, company promotions. Keep them informed about any new products that you are promoting. It all builds a trust relationship with your new and existing customer base. On top of that, repeat business is right there on that list. People like to do business with those that they have done business with in the past, and that they trust.


In today's world of high technology, how you use internet marketing goes a long way to a growing and profitable business. As always, you need to be in a place where people can find you, when they have a need. That is on the first page of Google in your local area.

Communicate with your market, and those customers in it. Start a blog, a newsletter, make new entries on a regular basis. Keep in touch with your customers, gain their trusts and build a relationship and you will find your business adding customer, retaining those that you have, and growing. As always, people like to do business with successful people.

About the Author

Douglas Parker is the owner of Absolute Web Hosting and Design, LLC in the Phoenix Arizona market. He specializes in helping businesses in the offline world, build their business with Online Strategies. Interactive Internet Marketing Management. He would like to help you develop your online business. You can contact him at his Internet Marketing Business, or call anytime during business hours. Absolute Web Hosting and Design, LLC. (623) 932-7833

Copyright Douglas Parker 2008 all rights reserved

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