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Revenue Overflowing in Abundance

Author: Douglas Parker

What more needs to be said, every business knows the need for Revenue. Revenue is the life blood of any business. It is also one of the hardest things to regulate. An interactive marketing approach on the internet can help with making sure that it comes in when needed.

 I can honestly say that I have never heard on business person say, “I do not want or need any more money I just plain and simply have enough.”  There are keys to keeping the money coming in, hopefully faster than it is going out.

 Ever Increasing Volume:  It just seems to be a natural law of the Universe.  I have heard it said many times. A business is both growing and flowering, ever increasing, or it is dying on the vine.  The more business we do, the more that it takes to maintain that growth.

• New Customers:  Every business struggles with the need for new customers to do business with.  What about retaining those that we have, that is a problem as well. The need to communicate with them is essential.  

This is where an interactive marketing approach has its place.

• When new customers stop in, get their name and e-mail address. Maybe give away something of value for that information. It does not have to be particularly expensive, but something to get their name on a list that you can keep in contact with.

• As new customers contact you over the phone, or over the internet. Do you know who they are?  Do you know how to contact them, or did they just ring and run. Interactive Internet Marketing captures those names, puts them in a database, and keeps in contact with them automatically, while building a trust relationship over time. This is true permission based email marketing.

• We have found that retuning customers are more likely to purchase than new ones. Those you have done business with trust you. After all they have done business with you and are happy with that experience. Back-end sales are the real boost to growing your business.

• That brings up the lifetime value of a customer.  Do you know what a particular customer is worth to you over time? Keep good records, know who is spending what, and how much. These numbers can mean everything in a marketing campaign. Who should we target, what should we offer to sell them?   

In conclusion:

All businesses face similar struggles, more revenue is not the least of those struggles. There are solutions that can go along way to keeping your bottom line in the black.

They should begin with realizing the value of each and every prospect that walks in the front door of your business. Get information from them, offer incentives to build your list of customers.

When they go to your website, get a name and an e-mail address. The online world of internet marketing bases the entire process of doing business on building a list, and a relationship with those customers on that list. When the time comes for them to buy it is that business that they trust they do business with.

In addition, how much does a brick and mortar business spend on advertising? Val Pac, mailers, local newspapers, fliers etc. The list goes on and on. My own forays in that realm cost me hundreds every week.

The key to a well built and maintained list is that we are able to keep in contact, offer specials, and advertise to that list for nothing. No cost at all to send an email to our own list of people. That does not mean that the traditional approach ends, but it does mean that what you spend can be cut way back. That cost savings impacts the bottom live in a real way.

About the Author:

Douglas L Parker is the owner of Absolute Web Hosting and Design, LLC in the Phoenix Arizona area.  He specializes in providing interactive internet marketing management to offline businesses. He would like to invite you to and feel free to call if you would like, he would appreciate the input. He can be reached at (623) 932-7833 during normal business hours.

Copyright 2008 Douglas Parker all rights reserved

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