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The Secret to Retaining Customers, Attracting New Ones and Increasing Your Bottom Line 



Douglas Parker  


All Business is Similar in Many Ways :  

As I speak with businesses everyday it becomes more and more apparent how similar they are. The local restaurant, barber, or hairstylist has similar needs. The company that services your garage door or air conditioner, all have the same need. Today, you need to do more and more business. You have to fill that schedule, or fill those seats. The fixed continue on no matter how much business you do.   


The cost of advertising to those customers, and trying to let prospective new customers know you are there, open for business, and wanting to do business with them is an ongoing need. It is not something that you can afford to eliminate, because without advertising your business would fall off or even die. That is a fact of life. 


Permission Based Marketing:  


With the invention of the internet, came email.  It gave us a great way to communicate with each other. It did not take long for the convenience of email to catch on. Along with that came the fact that you as a business, can now send out advertisement and information to your customers without having the cost of paper, printing and postage.  


The secret to using the media of email today is to build a list of customers, who give you permission to send them information. Information that they opt-in to receive. This gives you the business owner the opportunity to stay in contact with them and let them know what you are doing with your business. 


Build Trust Relationship: 


Permission based email marketing gives you a chance to build a relationship with them. As your messages go out, you are giving the customer useful information, targeted to be what he was asking for. He will begin to see the business as professional, reliable and gain trust in what you are saying. When it comes time to do business with someone who provides your service, or product he will elect to call you, because he knows you are the expert in that area. 


With a newsletter, or e-zine, a business can give the customers an insight into who the business is. Let them know about events involving employee activities. Introducing new faces or saying good-bye to old faces leaving or retiring.  New product lines coming on board, and how that will benefit them as customers. Not to mention the improved relationship with your employees, board members, or possibly stockholders as well. 


Increase Your Sales:  
When you have a sale, or a special event. Something that you plan in advance, you can let the customers know about the special or limited number of available seats. The special buy that will be gone unless they plan ahead. This can be accomplished with no added cost to you.


In Conclusion: 


The benefit of using permission based marketing for your business is hard to measure. It can do so much to help you improve your bottom line. By gaining the trust and confidence of your new and existing customers at a reasonable cost. It can cut down on the cost of advertising, in fact can lead to more advertising for less money spent. The improved communication with your employees leads to less turn over and smoother everyday operations due to less miss communications.  


This all can be automated; it can be developed and scheduled for a one time or multiple event delivery. Loaded into an auto responder and sent out to the list of customer and employees, while you sleep, or vacation. Once you begin using permission based marketing, you will wonder how you ever ran a business without it. 


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About the Author:


Douglas Parker is the owner of Absolute Web Hosting and Design, LLC in the Phoenix Arizona market. He specializes in helping businesses in the offline world, build their business with Online Strategies. Interactive Internet Marketing Management. He would like to help you develop your online business. You can contact him at his Internet Marketing Business, or call anytime during business hours. Absolute Web Hosting and Design, LLC. (623) 932-7833 

Copyright Douglas Parker 2008 all rights reserved 


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